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  • £5.25
    Subjee Miloni

    Subjee Miloni

    An assortment of mixed vegetables cooked in a smooth tomato sauce and finished with cream.
  • £6.95
    Lamb Pasanda

    Lamb Pasanda

    Thin sliced pieces of tender lamb, cooked in a very creamy sauce, ground aromatic herbs and spices.
  • £1.90
    Steamed Rice

    Steamed Rice

    Aromatic Basmati rice, steamed to perfection and goes well with any curry dish. 
  • £4.95
    Special Mixed Kebab

    Special Mixed Kebab

    An assortment of chicken tikka, Ponir tikka, lamb tikka and Sheek kebab.
  • Catering Service

    We have an excellent outside catering service. We can cater for almost anything, particularly at short notice. Please contact us for a quote. Raj Moni produces the finest meals the Indian subcontinent to your front door.

Why Raj Moni?

  • Raj Moni is a state of fashion, inspirational, vibrant and young at heart. Recently refurbished to present you with a ‘fresh’ ambience of chic modernity subtly ‘spiced’ with that warm and familiar ‘Indian’ feel. At Raj Moni the Indian...

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  • Elizabeth and Oscar
    Our first vist to Rajmoni, and we will def be coming back. Loved the atmosphere, friendly waiters and ofcourse the food!